Connecticut loses 4,800 jobs in June!

The Connecticut Department of Labor reported that we lost 4,800 jobs in June.  Lets face it, its bad out there.  As an employee, you need to do everything you can to keep your job.  If you should lose your job, there may be ways to minimize the pain.  Severance packages are sometimes available.  Unemployment benefits can be obtained and sometimes extended.  The most important thing to do is to arm yourself with knowledge.  Keep in mind:

1.  Employment is usually “at will” which means that your employer doesn’t have to have a reason to fire you.  Don’t assume that you have a right to your job.

2.  Unemployment is not available to people who quit, unless they quit for sufficient cause attributable to your employer.  These exceptions are rare.  The general rule is that if you want unemployment, don’t quit.

3.  You have a right to see your personnel file.  C.G.S. Section 31-128.

4.  If you have questions, get professional advice.

Good luck!

One thought on “Connecticut loses 4,800 jobs in June!

  1. That’s all good advice. If you have any kind of job right now — flipping burgers, even — hang on to it because jobs are gone.

    What happened to the stimulus money? $350 billion is enough to create seven million $50,000 jobs.

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